Glossier Review: Part I

Glossier Review: Part I

Glossier has been on our radar since coming across their beaut gram - the mutual love of baby pink alone was enough to peak our interest. As with most relationships, the more we got to know them the harder we fell. Glossier is a skincare/beauty brand starting a self-proclaimed movement that 'celebrates real girls, in real life' through products that are 'fun, easy, imperfect and personal'.

As we tread into our twenties, we've decided that healthy, natural-looking skin is defs our preference over trying to hide all of our flaws and features under layers of make-up. Glossier's signature look is a glowy, dewy face with little fuss - cutting your morning regime down to a few key products.

Unfortunately, Glossier is only available to the US at the moment, but thanks to NZ Post's YouShop we were able to get out hands on some pink packages of goodness. YouShop basically allows you to ship overseas items to their domestic warehouses to then be forwarded to your house for a small fee. This allows you to buy goods from the US, UK/Europe, and China that cannot usually be sent to wee NZ. Ours came to $16NZD a parcel for shipping - which was fab considering Glossier itself is pretty affordable. Note to self: keep an eye out on goods tax, ours was under $200NZD so we were all g, but go over this amount and you could get a nasty notice from customs!

Below we've done a little review on five key Glossier products: Boy Brow, Stretch Concealer, Cherry Balm Dot Com, Perfecting Skin Tint, and Priming Moisturiser. 

Next week we will continue the review with the Supers, Haloscope, and the Masks.

(P.S. Howwww good is the branding/packaging?! Each order comes with a sticker pack, a poster, and a pink bubble pouch!)

Boy Brow.

Boy Brow is probably Glossier's most famous product - the king of all eyebrow gels. For our brows this was a game changer - it thickens, fills and grooms all at once, meaning it’s the only thing we need up thurrrr. No stiff or boxy brows here, just full, dark and perfectly groomed puppies.

Stretch Concealer

Forget what you know about other concealers, this is the one. As a couple of students with dark circles as permanent facial features, this has genuinely been the only concealer to do its job and ACTUALLY conceal em’. It's nice and dewy, no cake in sight, and most importantly, zero risk of the awful "I tried but failed to cover a pimple" look. Discrete but effective, we luvvvv it.

Cherry Balm Dot Com

Smells amazing, tick. Looks cute in your handbag, tick. A great little pop of colour, double tick. If glossy, slightly rouge lips are your day-to-day go-to you won’t be disappointed with this sweet lil tube. But for summer days or the super-chapped, you may find this lacks the moisturising power needed to soothe those suckers. It also comes in Rose, Coconut and the Original Balm Dot Com, a scent for every season.

Perfecting Skin Tint

The Perfecting Skin Tint claims the no-mans-land between bare skin and make-up, which is exactly what we found. It leaves skin dewy and natural-looking and is super easy to throw on. It's worth mentioning that this really won't hide much - so if you're a bit nervous about going au naturale you may wanna put some concealer and powder on top. It's a lot like a tinted moisturiser, and a wee bit thinner than a BB cream. Defs wouldn't wear it out at night, but for everyday the coverage is fine! We're BB cream fan-girls tho so might stay in that camp.

Priming Moisturiser

The jury’s out on this one. The results aren’t life-changing either way – double hard to discern as we are two devoted pre-makeup moisturisers so effects are hard to see! Our skin seems to be staying the same - no more or less glowy than usual. If anyone out there has seen effects for themselves, hit us up!

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