While We Were Away

While We Were Away


So it seems we've taken an unexplained hiatus from The Oh Nine for a couple of months. We wanted to take a moment to quickly fill you in on why that was, and what's been happening since we've been away...



1. Kim Got Engaged!!!

It was beautiful - involving Rosé and cheese and a sunset and the love of her life. 



2. We Went to Wellington!

Highlights included: the most incredible dinner at Charley Noble, a long lunch at Loretta, street burgzzz at Ekim Burger, and a moonlit stroll along Oriental Bay.



3. Laura Got Featured on The Spinoff!

Read her piece here.



4. Auckland Got a Pop-Up Frosé Bar!

Yeah yeah yeah, we all know this by now. It's just so bloody good. NZ Rosé Company is our fave ever, and the lobster rolls are surprisingly phenom! Hit it up at Ostro in Britomart for a cup of the pink slush before it disappears.



5. Laura Graduated!

She's officially got a degree in communicating, get it guuuuurl.



6. We Ate + Drank Lots !!!! 

Not a new thing, just us. Stand outs from our last couple months of consuming are: Amano, Blue Breeze Inn, Kiss Kiss, Paris Butter, Rosebank Kitchen, Kindred, Fishsmith, Dr. Rudi's, and Ortolana. 

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