Pink Ribbon Breakfast

Pink Ribbon Breakfast

It is a barely-kept secret that our gals love nothing more than a Sunday brunch, especially if there are donuts involved. So when Pink Ribbon Breakfasts started doing the rounds in May, the invites were sent and the playlist was loaded with as many Spice Girls hits as can be tolerated before 11am.

Life, as per, had been stirring up a storm for some of our gals this year - cancer related and beyond - and it was becoming more real to us that that entering your twenties means battling some pretty brutal stuff (not just smear-tests). So along with the invitation to donate to the amazing work that NZBCF does, the event message was simple, keep the negativity at home and bring your best "You Smell Like Pine Needles And Have A Face Like Sunshine" attitude aka #SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL GIRL GANG.

Girl gangs are everything, they are the ones who drop-off “I’m sorry you and your boyfriend broke up” packages and take you for “I’m losing my sheeeet over this assignment” mid-week wine. Whether you’re the one giving the gift or downing the wine, make no mistake - your role in your local girl gang is essential. 

Never under-estimate the power of the girl gang. Their commitment to a snap streak or that all important 11th like on your lack-lustre gram may just sprinkle some social-media-sunshine on a other wise monotonous day.  They are known to make or break a local cafe based on their poached-eggs-on-toast game and have been rumoured to drink a bar clean-out of Rosé.

But it's not all iced-lattes and millennial stereotypes - most importantly, the girl gang is a force to be reckoned with when one of their own needs them. Too often gals can compete with each other, behind backs or in passive aggressive group chats (we know you have been part of a sassy squad at some point), but when it all hits the fan the gals who step up and show up are the gang you want to keep around. Support is the name of the game and while sometimes you can’t stop the baddies from getting your gang, you can 100% choose to be there if and when they do. 'Girl Gang' can and should be a positive term, where gals fiercely love, defend and encourage each other through the best and the worst. We may not be 20-something forever but in the wise words of Posh / Sporty / Scary / Baby / Ginge, friendship never ends. 

So whether your local is a gang of twenty, three or just you and Felicia, do whatever it takes to ensure its survival - cause you can bet your hard-earned $$ that one day you'll need that mid-week Rosé on your doorstep.


The Invites.

PRB invites.jpg

The Food.


The Decor.

Lots of flowers / ‘Support Your Local Girl Gang’ banner / Assorted blankets draped over chairs (mainly for warmth) / Polaroid souvenirs / A Girl Gang inspired moodboard - think Rachel & Monica, Swift's Girl Squad, Sex & the City, the Spice Girls / Handmade linen napkins & green foliage for simple table settings.


The Playlist.

First Day on the (Grown-Up) Job

First Day on the (Grown-Up) Job