Omaha Daydreams

Omaha Daydreams

feat. disposable film pics from a day-trip past

A wise man once said "divert daily, withdraw weekly and abandon annually". While most of the time that looks like snuggling down for a relaxing night in with Serena and Blair (xoxo), if you have a Saturday to spare and payday's just been, we highly recommend you retreat to Auckland's mini-break haven, Omaha.


The weather has been treating us so kindly of late that we think it's time to start bringing back the day-trips, especially with Spring just around the corner (which basically means it's summer, right?).

Here is our hit list for a dreamy little Omaha getaway, pick a few to knock off and thank us later:


Omaha Bay Vineyard.

Wine tasting is no longer only for those who can afford the bottle (shhh), at OBV you can have your eyes opened to the world of ween for a mere $10. Enjoy five generous servings of wine in the stunning courtyard overlooking Omaha bay and lap up the luxury. The cheese platter is beyond real if your gang need carbs to soak up that rose.

Matakana Market Kitchen.

They have dominated the Matakana hospo market and it's clear why, the food is out of this world. Flower pot bread (as delish and cute as it sounds), unadulterated avo on toast and the arrabiata pasta are phenom but the clear winner is the Quisotto. Yup, Quisotto. It's creamy, it's quinoa and its a must try.

Tennis Courts.

Lorde was defs onto something, there is possibly nothing more mini-break-esque than donning your best cap and heading down to the Omaha tennis court for a bit of back n forth. Best part? No charge.

Pilgrims & Pimms.

Formally known as the Ploughmans lunch, the Pilgrims is our twenty-something's adaptation for gals who can't quite handle (slash afford) pate just yet. Find a wooden board, fill it up with Camembert, pesto, avo, some sweet tomatoes and a generous baguette and pick to your hearts content. If possible, make friends with someone who just hit duty free and get a bottle of Pimms to enjoy the worlds most drinkable lunch punch full of oranges, strawbs and cucumber, mhmm.

Walk the Beach w a Bevvy.

Our all time fave - something about strolling the beach with a coffee in hand makes all seem well in the world. Omaha Beach offers a hearty stretch of sand to get those Fitbit steps up, and you can watch as paddle boarders battle the waves. Kick Back Cafe are the local latte grinders, albeit not the best, so if you have a car handy, pop down the road to Ravish and grab some Supreme goodness.

Woodfired Pizzas.

Throughout summer, the Fired Pizza Company container is a go-to, located beside the Lyall Bay takeaways. In the meantime, though slightly further out, Charlie's Gelato Garden satisfies all our pizza dreams. We vote pick one up then snuggle with a blanket and bottle of Pinot in the sand dunes.

Matakana Cinemas.

Possibly the most beautiful cinema we have ever laid eyes on, these are a must do-purely because it's practically a pre-requisite to take a glass of red in with you. Each screening room has a unique style, from chandeliers to silk drapes, but our fave is the flower-clad ceiling.

In Loving Memory: Oob.

RIP to this little beauty, Oob brought real fruit ice cream to the people and the people said yaaaaas. The organic blueberry farm offered bean bags under shady trees to recline on with cone in hand, or a compulsory corner stop-off on the trip home. It's recent closure has sent regulars into a panic, but we hear an exciting co-op is coming soon in it's place, so keep your eyes peeled.

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