Aucklanders Killin' It: Rosie Holt

Aucklanders Killin' It: Rosie Holt


We are kicking off our Aucklanders Killin' It series with a bang, interviewing the floral-scented whirlwind that is Rosie Holt. Self-made girl boss and the brains behind Rose Tinted Flowers, we sat down for a chat about how she made it in the 09 region. 

It's only been a mere 18 months since Rosie walked out the doors of her advertising agency (to the shock of her poor mum) and into her garden shed, shears in hand, ready to tackle what would become the gorgeous boutique florist, Rose Tinted Flowers.

What started as a small start-up in the back of her garden, has bloomed into a fully operational business, with a long-list of loyal clientele and a fully booked wedding season ahead. 

Snuggled into a (surprisingly) quiet nook off K-Road, the boutique is full of drool-worthy foliage. Ivy hangs from the high ceiling and pastel stalks of stock sit in buckets filling the air with dreamy scents. White roses decorate almost every surface, ahead of a Fashion Week event Rosie is catering.


Not for the faint-hearted, starting a business as a young gal in AKL is a massive feat, as Rosie puts it, equal parts terrifying and exciting.

She kicked off her business with a small social media following, hustled like crazy and hit up every contact in her phone to see if they were in need of some beaut blooms. The cherry on top getting a badass business mentor, something Rosie recommends to any young entrepreneur.  

From there it was a blur of events, word-of-mouth referrals and ‘sticking it to the man’ that kept Rosie in her garden shed realising she was carving her career path.

"I gave myself three months, and at the end of them I was still okay, eating plain bread sandwiches, but okay. You just have to tell yourself you can afford to be broke for a bit, and that even if you're sitting in a shed with a blanket draped around you in the effin cold waiting for an order to come in, you've done it".

Q&A: The Down Low

The secret to smashing it as a girl boss: Make an educated guess, do your research (!!!) and run with it. Ignore the nay-sayers and tell them, just watch me. 

The necessities: Wine is a staple for any budding florist, keep the fridge stocked with a rose and a good (ish) bottle of pinot, "if you see us sipping from mugs it isn't tea".

Best part of the job: Being my own boss and dropping off flowers for the brides, you’re a part of their wedding even though they don't know them. 

Nightmare fleur: The gerbera, worlds most offensive flower

Spirit fleur: A king protea or dalias in winter.

Gets the creativity flowing: Kendrick Lamar and Little Dragon

Girlspo: Tina Fey and Lena Dunham

Why AKL is fab: Aucklanders are strong-minded, they know what they want. They follow the international trends, they know the market and they always have events to go to.

The million dollar q…how do I keep my fleurs alive longer?!
A dash of bleach in the water, yes that’s right bleach, will kill any nasty bacteria and an aspirin will serve as a fine source of food. Most importantly, change that water! 


If you are in the region, pick up one of Rosies paper-wrapped masterpieces or if you are down for a regular pick me up you can now subscribe daily, weekly or monthly to a beaut bouquet delivery at

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