Check Yourself: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Check Yourself: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Lonely is a brand we have a lot of time for, and even more so thanks to their initiative for Breast Cancer Awareness this October. Every day, one women under the breast screening age (45) is diagnosed in NZ, and checking yo’self is still the only cure. Wanting to spread the word and make everyone 20 and up breast aware, Lonely got together with Sweet Louise for this special Lonely Girls Project.

Below are some powerful pictures with some equally powerful women, Maggie, Marian and Jo  who are living with secondary incurable breast cancer, photographed by Harry Were. The photos aim to give Marian, Maggie and Jo “visibility in a world that may find it easier to not see them, and the chance to feel beautiful and confident in their battle-scarred bodies.”


Here are some words from the lovely ladies:


“It is coming up 10 years now since I was diagnosed, and I think about it every day.  The day my husband and I were told at best I had a 10% chance of survival was an absolute nightmare.  I was and am not ready to give up on that 10%.  My family means the world to me and I have not yet seen enough of what my two fantastic children will achieve in their lives to stop watching.  There is too much to do yet, but as I have  got older I think it is important to take some time in the week to do something you enjoy without  feeling guilty, even if this is only reading a book for 20 minutes, just learn to appreciate what you have.”



“I tended to take things and people for granted and felt bullet proof.  Now I see breast cancer is as a gift.  The reason I feel it's a gift is, unlike sudden death, you have time to right wrongs and put things in order.  I'm also grateful it's me and not my daughters.”



“I know know that I can't do everything & that's Ok; I now ask for help. Belonging to Sweet Louise makes me feel special & to use vouchers on pampering is my idea of being loved no matter the fact that I have incurable cancer”.


Many women are unsure how to check or what to look out for, so with that in mind for this month, Lonely has put together the below initiatives:

  • All visitors to Lonely stores this October will receive a breast care card illustrated by the local artist Ophelia Mikkelson outlining how to conduct a self-exam and what changes to look out for.

  • On selected days in store there will also be appearances by registered nurses from the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ throughout the month for those with further questions (keep an eye on their FB for times!).

  • This same drawing is being used on a limited edition t-shirt and sold for $110 with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ.

  • Text GIVE to 2447 donate $3 to Sweet Louise.

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