What 2017 Taught Us

What 2017 Taught Us

We want to say the worlds biggest thank you to everyone who has contributed their time, words and intimate thoughts with us (anonymous or otherwise), and even more to anyone who drops in for a read. What started off as a cute, very pink, blog for ourselves (and our mums) has over the past year quickly evolved into a place to share wherever our internal conversation shifts to and we are beyond excited to keep putting our thoughts on the internet in 2018.

This year for us has been one of unravelling, celebrating, heartbreak, sharing, acceptance, sitting, re-building and self-discovery and we’ve done most of it here, so below are some of the greatest lessons 2017 taught us. Click the titles to read the full articles.

It wasn't what we thought it would be, it was so so much better.

Laura & Kim xx

That guys AND girls have a lot to say to their exes

An absolute favourite, we had a bunch of guys and gals send in the raw, rage-y and tearful words they wish they could say to their exes. If one thing’s for sure, heartbreak is universal <3

“I wish we could go back to the start and both be better versions of ourselves. I wish you knew that you were nothing like I imagined and I was f*cking terrified of love but I saw something in you that I was prepared to take a chance on. I wish that you’d let yourself do the same for me."


That it’s okay to show your wobbly bits

Inspired by Bridget Jones’ love-hate relationship with her wobbly bits, we explored how seeing and sharing our shameful parts connects us more than denying them ever could, and in turn gives us more power to start healing them.

“I can be both humble and vain, positive and downcast, charitable and greedy, confident and ashamed. For every part that loves the challenge of working a room, there is the corner that gets anxious over going to a place I’ve never been before. For every part that jumps be in charge and takes pride in competency, there is the corner that lacks common sense and sheds tears over missing details. I am either at any given time and hold both within the same hand. Brennan Manning puts it best - men and women who are truly filled with light have gazed deeply into the darkness of their own imperfect existence.”

Guys opening up about mental health is really important

Unanimously our favourite this year, this series centered around three guys and their mental health journey. We were blown away by their honesty and the response, although varied in their experience they bore the similar thread that everyone benefits from an open conversation.

“It’s okay not to be okay. Most of the time when you experience anxiety and depression, its cause you have been holding it all together for a long long time and you’ve been trying really hard. And sometimes you just get really tired. It’s okay for you to not find it easy”.


We all need to be still sometimes

This year was one of unravelling as I started processing things I had been pushing down and avoiding. A major part of this was realising the importance of making space for things to surface, and learning to be alone, and I ended up surprising everyone, including myself, and making a case for solitude.

“The weirdest part of it all, I’ve started to actually enjoy silence, I’m not scared any more to be by myself. And as I get to know what’s going on beneath it all, I have so much more compassion and understanding. ‘All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone’ - Blaise Pascal

Self care isn’t always easy

Sometimes what’s good for us can take hard work and tough love, rather than just taking the easy road. To really care for yourself requires you to listen to what you really need and take this seriously, which was personally a beautiful but challenging lesson to learn.

"I never thought that I was walking a dangerous path of avoidance, because I had the idea of self-care completely wrong. It can take hard work. Self-care can be getting yourself out of those routines you’ve grown so comfortable in, in order to actually deal with whats going on below the surface.”

Sometimes you just need to feel the the feeling and let it pass

Unbearable feelings are a term coined by Dave Riddell to describe the mark on your heart that when brushed can send you spiralling downwards. We had a bunch of people share with us theirs, ranging between being trapped, rejection, insignificance, letting people down etc and how it makes them feel.

“The older I get though the more I sit with those feelings of panic until they pass and I can think logically again and decipher what’s really going on underneath the initial trapped feelings.  Feelings aren’t always truth. Sometimes they’re just the past hanging around trying to threaten your future.”

We need to be rad pals not rescuers

This concept occupied a lot of my headspace earlier this year as I realised most of my actions over the past few years had been fuelled by a need to rescue everyone around me, and then finding the freedom that came from learning to hold back.

“Behind it all was a magical belief that, said out loud, might sound like, “If I take care of them long enough, then, sooner or later, they will take care of me too”.

That sharing hardships breeds strength

“Just to be honest about it. If it’s shit. If you’re falling apart, share that. I’ve always believed shared experiences, particularly challenging ones, bring strength to people that need it. So many people go through incredibly crazy, devastating things in their lives. I always find solace when I learn what others have been though and still thrived afterward. It makes me think, okay I can do this, whatever happens I’ll be ok”. - Megan Bedford

“Remember the saying that “this too shall pass”. It is still something I say to myself now. Time is a great healer and the tough stuff or feelings never last forever. There is an opportunity to learn from every single person we meet.” - Taryn Kljakovic

That going on an OE can be the best, and the worst

“My first afternoon here, I honestly sat on my bed and cried and wondered what I’d done. I had a crazy amount of culture shock. I’d never been here before, I didn’t know anyone who was living here, so I stepped off the plane entirely alone into a country I’d never been to and had to figure out how to do basic things all over again.  But when I figured those things out, the small victories actually felt amazing.”

Our first ever refugee MP is rad

“I think this is the thing people don't realise about refugees. We are not immigrants, we are not choosing to leave. No one wants to abandon their life in every way, never to return, to see their family. We are people who have to leave to escape persecution.”


That we’re bloody lucky to get to chat to the brains behind these amazing, female owned & operated brands

Liiiiike Hera Saabi, Lonely, Miss Crabb, Girl Undiscovered, Rose Tinted Flowers, The Raw Kitchen and Amy’s Secret Kitchen.

“It’s terrifying when you first take the plunge, quit your full time job and focus on growing your own thing. It’s like a child. But  It is also the most rewarding, challenging and humbling process. I believe the people you surround yourself with will make or break you.”

What's Your Word?

What's Your Word?

Unbearable Feelings

Unbearable Feelings