What's Your Word?

What's Your Word?

We are one month into 2018, which is quite possibly the perfect time to feel a little bit crushed at your inability to stick with/remember/create a resolution for the year.  And fair enough, in practice resolutions can be kinda shitty. Similar to NYE, they can leave you disappointed, mulling over missed opportunities or jealous over everyone else’s progress. Alternatively, a friend suggested a new way of looking at the year by setting a word that you will ruminate on. A word that instead of focusing on future-goals, can shape and impact your present. And unsurprisingly, these end up influenced by how the past year looked  - so we asked ten different people below "what was/is your word for 2017/2018?"


2017, was a year of: unravelling

Last year was one of extreme change. When 2016 ended most of the core pillars in my life had disintegrated, I found myself starting 2017 expanding into a new career, community, home, relationship status, family culture, friendships and just about every other area. Likewise, it was also the unravelling of a lot of my values, axioms and ways of living, I undid some destructive beliefs and behaviours, discovered a lot about myself and kind of got my life back. Although there was unravelling, it was gentle and full of hope. Where 2016 had been dark and trying, 2017 was my journey out and it was a beautiful thing to experience.

2018, is the year of: dreaming

Where last year unravelled and left me with a new foundation, this year I want to try build upon it.. I want to be more determined and disciplined in allowing myself to dream, which terrifies me. For a long time I have believed the floor will dissolve beneath me, so there was no point in making future plans. I’m hoping this year I can be brave enough to plan ahead, and that from that, creativity, opportunity and compassion can flourish.



2017, was a year of: health

The word of 2017 was health - which I guess encompasses many things. I focused on physical and mental well-being, which is ongoing for 2018 and to be honest it’s a constant struggle, shifting from thinking “health” as opposed to “image”.

2018, is the year of: experience

My word for this year is experience - I don’t want to just survive for the weekend and spend my days churning out the daily grind.  I want to be present in my working lifestyle with clients and experience new places, food and countries. I want to get to the end of 2018 and feel like I experienced a full year, not just the highlights.



2017, was a year of: transience

2017 in some senses felt like an ad-hoc and very transient year; having, by choice I might add, worked 5 different jobs across 3 different industries as well as completing my second bachelor's half-way through the year. A desire to go-with-the-flow combined with occupational dissatisfaction meant I loosely bounced around different jobs across the year, only to find myself somewhat confused about what I was doing by the October/November mark! I don’t really regret anything I did in 2017 though, as it helped me narrow my focus for 2018.

2018, is the year of: identity

A bit of a cliche, but after an occupationally ad-hoc 2017, I have realised the extent to which one's everyday activity (whether this be a job, hobby, personal project etc) can constitute personal identity and sense of purpose. This is ironically in contrast to myself a year ago when I, probably somewhat arrogantly, didn’t seem to care what I did and wanted to prioritise being “chill" over anything too "career-focussed". I still wouldn’t say I’m hyper-career driven, but I have definitely realised the importance that regular activity can have for sense of identity.



2017, was a year of: growth

Last year was a really intense and difficult year for me, but I grew so much as a person and I was challenged in ways I haven't been before. I learned a lot about myself and I learned things that I admire a lot about myself and things that I actually really want to work on.

2018, is the year of: recovery

2018 needs to be the year of putting those things into practice and taking care of myself in ways that I didn't in 2017. My mental, physical and spiritual health all took a huge hit and I really want to take better care of myself this year.  



2017, was a year of: feeling

Last year, I was overwhelmed by pretty much the entire spectrum of human emotion: joy, melancholy, anxiety, love, happiness. I just experienced everything so deeply and thus felt rather out of control of myself at times. Deep fears and feelings surfaced and made themselves known, which was scary but so important in hindsight.


2018, is the year of: self-knowledge

Being overwhelmed by a multitude of feelings showed me that there is so much going on within me that I choose to ignore if I don't spend time and effort with myself. Going into this year, I see an opportunity to deeply engage with who I am, and to be comfortable in the wholeness of that – the good, the bad, and the ugly. I want to separate self-knowledge from self-improvement, and learn to sit with myself rather than always trying to change who I am.




2017, was a year of: change

In 2017 I started a new flat, created new relationships and ended unhealthy ones, received more responsibility at work, changed churches, and even tried to rep a moustache in a weak attempt be more 'hipster' - it didn't last long... In 2017 I found out two things about change. First, I don't like it initially, and second it's actually good for me!


2018, is the year of: sleep.  

This year I want to look after myself better by making sure I get enough rest. Instead of consistently going to bed late and then spending countless hours on my phone before getting some shut eye I'm going to leave my phone in the kitchen, buy an alarm clock and try to get the full 7-8 hours every night.  I think this will do wonders for my performance at work, mental health and general wellbeing.



2017, was a year of: disorientation

2017 was a year filled with uncertainty, riddled with insecurity and plagued with the overwhelming sense that I was not good enough. While I was encouraged, challenged and supported by those nearest and dearest to me, I still found myself in an unpleasantly close relationship with negativity, self doubt and anxiety. I was stuck in a rut and as much as I attempted to, I couldn't find my bearings or how to get myself out. All around me the people I did life with were landing their dream jobs, travelling to magnificent places or achieving amazing things, yet I felt like I was getting absolutely nowhere in life. I had all of these ideas of what my life should look like, but my sense of direction was lost and as much as I tried I simply couldn't fulfil the presentiment of where I should 'be' this stage of my life.


2018, is the year of: content

This year I am learning to be content. I am going to practise teaching myself to be satisfied with both the little successes and the big wins. I'm going to remind myself that I am human, I am young and I am allowed to feel uncertain, lost and insecure, but above all else I'm going to practise being kind to myself when dwelling in those feelings. I am going to endeavour to think positive, to be patient with myself and to whole heartedly love myself. When the pressure of the world is telling me to be more or to be greater, I am going to gently remind myself that being content is enough.



2017, was a year of: anticipation, and me

I guess if 2017 was about ‘anticipation‘ and 'me' this year is about ‘adjustment’ and 'him'

2018, is the year of: adjustment, and him.  

I wanted to write something profound but I've been thinking for two days and come up with nothing, to me 2018 is really about him, or about how he fits with me to make us. I got married less than a month ago, so I guess this year is going to be a big year of adjustment - everyone keeps saying how marriage helps you realise just how selfish you are. To me, giving my focus to him is less 1950's housewife and more of a nod of respect to the enormity of what we have entered into. It sounds a bit melancholic but it feels a lot like excitement to me. People keep asking me if I feel any different, day to day I don't but what has surfaced in a way I don't think I expected was the realisation and intense protectiveness I feel about us a unit, that nothing in the world feels as important as him, as this.



2017 was a year of: fine tuning

I’m very aware that life will be a continuous journey of learning and growing, I’m beginning to see so much beauty and fun in that. My 2017 was a year of fine tuning, not fine tuning in order to make things perfect, or what I’ve always seen as perfect, but sort of the opposite. I feel like life fell apart in some areas that I thought made me who I was, areas that I had to perfect. But I discovered ways, states of being and ideas that I had no idea could make me feel so fulfilled and happy. It’s been a journey of seeing the beauty in something I may have seen as imperfect, it’s a rewiring of my mind, it’s fine tuning.

2018, is the year of: the unknown

This is scary for me as I’ve usually been very calculated with my decisions with my career and travel. I’ve started two new jobs this year and am going to explore moving overseas in June. I don’t know what 2018 will bring but I’m learning to be ok with that. I’m nervously excited about it!



2017, was a year of: dreaming

Last year was a year of dreaming, mapping, planning and building, preparing for a life of full time music and living in a van.  

2018, is the year of: doing

2018 is the year of doing, we’re embracing that dream and it’s amazing! Living the dream we worked hard to make happen and continuing to embrace all of it and keep building it as we go. It’s a never ending adventure


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